Unleashing A Momster
A Peek Behind the Curtain of the Tragic Life of the World's
Most Successful Pageant Star

Heather Ryan boasts degrees in Political Science and Marketing and
turned her hobby as a Pageant Mom into a career as the Most
Successful Talent Manager who specializes in Pageant Girl
Representation, in the world.  A Producer, Director, Songwriter and
Manager, Heather's unique style launched the careers of many child
stars, including America's Most Successful Pageant Queen, Eden
Wood, and the Universe's most Ambitious and Greedy Stage Mom,
Mickie Wood.  

This first hand account is an unprecedented look behind the scenes of
the controversial and secretive industry, Child Pageantry.  Never
adverse to controversy, Heather pulls the reader into the world of the
lonely child super star she helped create and her domineering mother,
while exploring The Momster's unquenchable thirst for fame and
fortune.  Unleashing a Momster is a timely "Tell All" book that is as
gripping as it is heartbreaking.  
Written and Performed by Heather Ryan
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All Rights Reserved.  Unleashing a Momster is owned in part and entirety by Heather A. Ryan and Ryan-McNew Ent. LLC.  
Copyright 2013.  
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"May God forgive me for the part I played in
Unleashing the Momster,
who jumped at the opportunity to ruin her little girl’s life
in a quest for selfish gain."
Heather Ryan,
Unleashing a Momster